The Five Drivers Of Teen Buying Behavior: What Marketers Need To Know (Part II)

July 28, 2008 at 7:21 pm Leave a comment

The remaining three drivers:

3. The message needs to be simple and clear. Teens are accustomed to ease. In their world of technology, everything is at the touch of a button. Marketers need a similar approach. If a marketing message forces a teen to work too hard, or if the pitch isn’t readily digestible, it will fall flat. That’s not to say it must be boring. Rather, it has to be straightforward – and wrapped in an interesting, engaging package. Otherwise, teens will tune out and won’t see the messages being aimed at them.

4. Technology is everything. Other products – jeans, skateboards, skis – are all interesting, but they don’t dazzle and truly excite. Because technology is the focal point of teen existence today – technology is what generates heat. With technology embedded, ordinary items can be magically transformed from also-rans to must-haves.

5. Portability is king for these Technomads. The iPhone is a runaway hit among teens because it is the perfect digital jackknife – phone, texting, music, videos, camera, and web. It’s everything the modern teen needs, with the added bonus of coming in a fashionable, mobile package. Apple’s brilliance is that it squeezed the entire living room experience into the palm of a hand.


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