Understanding those elusive teens

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September 25th, 2009 by brand-e.biz

By Steve Mullins.

Teen feeling. Ambassatechs have become the bridge between companies trying to figure out the next big thing and parents seeking to determine which new piece of technology to buy, according to the gTrend Teen Report from US-based GTR Consulting.
Ambassatechs? They’re those trendsetting young consumers whose judgment and behavior are the best barometer of future technology adoption, the consultancy reckons. ”Today, adults take their technology cues from teens, whose ability to incorporate innovation into their lives far exceeds their parents’. Nothing may be more important to successfully engaging teens than understanding their role as Ambassatechs.”
However, in a recession, money is tight, forcing teens to become ‘Neo-Frugalists’. So, GTR rightly asks, how young consumers still manage to buy the latest techno-bling.
The answer? “Our research shows that instead of buying on impulse, today’s teens have become more value-driven consumers. If they’re interested in the hottest video game, they’re inclined to find a used copy. Many are now waiting for sales to make a purchase. Or they scour Craigslist, eBay and the rest of the web for a killer deal.”  So, that means they’re innovating with old tech. Clever Neo-Frugalists, indeed.
Wait, there’s more. “Teens remain as elusive and contradictory as ever,” GTR says. (And they’re not kidding if these findings are anything to go by). But don’t worry, the consultancy has also identified a new teen social dynamic known as ‘Textual Feeling’. Before you ask, we’ll tell you that this phenomenon means that many teens routinely express their secret hopes, dreams and fears via social networking sites and online.

“In many ways, teens today are an open book,” says GTR. “Yet, most are conscientious about not posting telephone numbers, addresses, and other critical personal information on the web because they recognize the dangers. Our research, however, consistently shows that many teens feel it’s safer and more comfortable to engage peers through technology than in face-to-face interaction.”

We know just how they feel.


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